About Us

The induction heating process is a non-contact technique which provides localised heating through custom-designed coils. The heat is transferred to the product via electromagnetic waves, and consequently there is zero product contamination. Further, the process enables the perfect amount of heat to be applied with keen precision to the exact surface requiring heat. This ensures controlled and accurate performance which can be easily repeated.

Managing Director Drew Caffrey explains this procedure, as carried out on a hydraulic valve plunger in the following manner: "The top end of the plunger is through-hardened to achieve a hardened external tapered shoulder and hardened internal collar at the same time. The process is carried out in a nitrogen shroud to eliminate surface oxidization, resulting in a very clean component.

"The quality of the services offered by Ash Heat Treatments Ltd can thus be seen in the quality of the finish and attention to detail "Pulsed heating allows heat to spread evenly through the head of the plunger, before it is quenched internally and externally with polymer quench. This is followed by tempering to achieve the desire hardness."

The innovative Ash Treatments Ltd. system thus provides safety, quality and peace of mind, tackling engineering problems with high-tech solutions, and providing the best method for ensuring the best products. Our product range covers a wide range of copper-smithing, as well as work in other materials some as brass and silver. We additionally enjoy the position of the UK's only supplier of induction hardening machinery, benefiting from expertise in this area unrivalled within the sector.

Customer satisfaction is a key issue in our business equation. We have long commanded the loyalty of our customers via a combination of quality and customer service. The company has consistently maintained an excellent reputation for customer-driven solutions, based on delivering a high quality product on time and at the right price. In everything we do, we aim not just to meet but to exceed the customer's expectations. We are rightly known for possessing a client base which habitually turns to us first, and we work hard to earn and keep such loyalty.