Induction Brazing:

This is a process which utilises the electromagnetic field producing during induction to join two materials together by a metal with a lower melting point; this process has a number of benefits, included the possibility for localised heating, a stronger and more precise join, and reduced scaling or oxidation when compared with, for instance, flame heating.

All kinds of metal products can profit from the specific and manifold benefits of localised heat treatment. Ash Heat Treatments Ltd. can provide you with a solution to a wide variety of engineering difficulties, including annealing cold-worked parts in selected areas to restore ductility; hardening localised areas of complex steel parts to increase wear and improve resistance to localised deformation; and localised tempering of hardened steel parts to achieve different properties in specific areas. To ensure the integrity of the component, sample crack detection is carried out as work proceeds. Whatever your heat induction needs, you can be sure that Ash Heat Treatments Ltd. will carry out a high quality, expert job.

We are one of the few companies in the UK, if not the only one, capable of doing all this in one convenient package. We manufacture on site our own custom configurations of copper coils if required, and carry out the entire procedure within the confines our own facility. Accredited to ISO 9001:2000, Ash Heat Treatments Ltd. is the only company trust to carry out the entire job, trouble free.

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