Copper coil manufacture

IF REFERRING TO THE INDUCTION ELEMENT: The copper coil, or inductor, is a crucial element and perhaps the most essential part of any induction heater. It enables all induction processes, since it is through the inductor that the alternative current on which induction methods rely will pass during induction. Due to our extensive experience in the induction business, we are able to design and manufacture inductor coils of the highest quality and capacity. Good coils provide even and uniform heating, and it is even possible to ensure the heating of separate zones of the same part. Contact us today to discuss further your copper coil requirements.

IF REFERRING TO THE METALWORK: It goes without saying how useful copper coil is: since it is so conductive it is extensively used for electrical contacts, switches, relays, connectors, circuit breakers and any other component in which sensitivity to electricity is required; its application is further widened by its suitability to a range of hardware used in contexts as varied as roofing, stereo equipment, gaskets and moulding. Unlike many of our rivals, we do not outsource our copper coil manufacture, producing the highest possible quality coil on-site, in Britain, and for extremely competitive prices. Call us today to order copper coil with total peace of mind: no delays, no delivery problems, no distractions